Balto Farms is a small, family owned farm in Chester County, PA. We have a herd of 20-30 goats at any one time. We make handmade goat milk soap, lotions and more right here on our farm in Cochranville Pa. To round out the farm, we have 35 egg-laying chickens and a lovely, happy pair of Rouen ducks named Donald & Daisy. All of the proceeds go directly into the humane care and feeding of all the animals on the farm.

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  • showcase of goat milk soaps

    Goat milk soap

    Goat milk soap has a range of benefits and can be a great alternative to commercially made soap bars. Each bar of Balto Farms Goat Milk Soap contains moisturizing ingredients that will help with that dry winter skin (even in the summer!) without leaving the skin feeling weighed down.

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  • Island Coconut Lotion

    Goat Milk Lotion

    Balto Farms goat milk lotions are handcrafted through an immersion process to produce a luscious combination of our goat milk, coconut, almond oils, Shea butter, and our fragrances to add moisture to your skin without leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

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  • Balto Farms Sugar Scrub Vanilla

    Handmade whipped sugar scrubs

    Balto Farms Sugar Scrubs are handmade and are incredibly moisturizing and exfoliating, leaving your skin silky smooth.

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